The archetypal enganche; Juan Román Riquelme

So I got to thinking, if I could not buy Riquelme in-game, maybe I could BE him instead!

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The Challenge

Ok, hear me out.  The enganche is almost a dying breed in football, right? The likes of Del Piero, Zidane, Bergkamp, Rivaldo and Riquelme were masters of this position and controlled games and dictated play to a degree that we do not see too much today. They were the missing links of their sides, possessed skills and vision and shouldered expectations of clubs and nations to unlock games and get the win. There are players who can play that role today, but tactics that accommodate them are less and less forgiving.

After reading an article on the position I wondered how I could embrace it in a Football Manager save. The enganche is a favoured position of mine, I love that they are afforded defensive responsibility, I’ve always loved that they can perhaps be lazy and go missing at times – often dividing supporters, but I also love that when they are on it they are the ultimtate difference, and Riquelme epitomised that. One of my favourite players ever. I just wish he was still available to purchase in game!

So I got to thinking, if I could not buy Riquelme in-game, maybe I could BE him instead! And that leads us to the challenge!


  • Make yourself Juan Roman Riquelme (or other ex-pro of your choice who played in the Enganche position if you desire).
  • Start at Argentinos Juniors in Argentina. (Or your player’s first known youth team/club.)
  • IMPORTANT: Sign and play an Enganche at every team you manage and ensure they play a vital role in your team’s success (or failure…).
  • IMPORTANT: Manage every side that Riquelme has played for. (For Riquelme; Argentinos Jrs, Boca, Barcelona, Villareal & Argentina – In any order). You can manage other sides in between if necessary to build up reputation in the game but it is necessary to have managed all of his club sides.
  • IMPORTANT: On top of managing each of his clubs it is vital that you win silverware of some sort at each club and your Enganche must play a key role in the silverware obtained.
  • When creating your manager. Do not make/name them after yourself. Make yourself Riquelme (or your desired player). The face recognition software is a lot better these days (See my Riquelme example) and with a good photo you should be on your way. Give yourself the player’s correct date of birth, reputation etc, but obviously try not to go in with too high attributes as this will lessen the challenge somewhat.
  • Be realistic. I gave myself ‘International Footballer’ as that is what Riquleme achieved but I gave him quite a low coaching badges to ensure it wasn’t too easy from the start.
  • Start at your players earliest club. With Riquelme I started at Argentinos Juniors in Argentina as this was where his youth career started. Do not start at their best side as this is part of the challenge – rising to the top and mirroring their playing career. Again, you can join teams in any order you prefer once the opportunities become available.


The challenge ends when you’ve managed all of their club sides and won the aforementioned silverware but you could realistically keep it going for as long as you like.

We’d love to hear how anyone else gets on so make sure to get in touch. Feel free to do this challenge as any other ex-pros if you like, we all have club favourites or legends that could be utilized! Unique playing roles make for more interesting challenges I find but then again half of the challenge is getting the jobs necessary to complete the challenge!

Good luck and enjoy!