Ok, here it goes!

Ten wonderkids scattered throughout world football. Some at big clubs, some at smaller clubs. Some within big footballing nations, others in the middle of nowhere. Can you discover a wonderkid before the footballing elite come calling and snap them all up? Your scouts will certainly earn their keep if they can unearth just one of our hidden gems!

If you locate all ten wonderkids (first of all, well done and secondly, how on earth!?) feel free to try and crack the hidden anagram we have hidden in there too. Using the initial letter in each wonderkid’s surname, rearrange the ten letters to spell out a real-life players name. We thought we’d be kind and throw in a tad more difficulty for you absolute masochists. Anagrams are fun, right?


Simply scout scout scout! These wonderkids are worth their weight in gold in the right hands. While some of these players may be superstars in the future, some of them may need a helping hand. Can you find them before the likes of PSG and Real Madrid empty their bank accounts? Can you find them before the players waste all of that potential at substandard clubs? It’s a difficult challenge, this one, one but one I’m sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy!

I could tell you where to find these wonderkids, I could tell you the exact country, league and club if I wanted to but where would be the fun in that? What I will tell you is that there are ten players in total and they can be found in any continent across the globe.

I would suggest having several leagues loaded from each continent to begin with and having most of them set to “View Only” so not to miss out on any players and to prevent your computer from dying a slow painful spreadsheet-loading death. Having a medium/large player database should hopefully ensure none of these wonderkids disappear either.

It is my hope that this challenge will give you a feel for leagues you may not ordinarily experience or scout in. There is a wide breadth of nations that I have simply never played in on FM over the years and I’m sure I have missed some absolute FM legends in the process. I’m sure this is the case for a lot of players and through designing this challenge I hope it can bring some joy to players who want to try something new in hunting down my wonderkid children for sport. Please be kind to them!

It does feel very Battle Royale/Hunger Games actually now I think about it, doesn’t it?

Each player has their own custom image in order for you to distinguish if you have found them or not. Simply look out for the FM Ideas logo and star in the upper left corner of the players avatar to determine if you have your man. These have been sourced over at sortitoutsi by mrgood and repackaged into a facepack for this specific challenge. Great work by him as I’m sure you will agree and I’d love to see more in the future. They add so much character and personality to custom players – Download this pack below and install as instructed.

Example face and logo/star combination.




  • Download Link – Click here to download
    Link contains: editor data and wonderkid image folder.
  • Ensure you place the editor data file (“10 Wonderkid Challenge 100%.fmf”) into your ‘editor data’ folder found in your Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020 directory.
  • Place “Ten Wonderkid Challenge Images” folder in the graphics folder found in your Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/graphics directory. If this doesn’t exist then simply create a new folder and name it “graphics”. – IMAGES IN THIS FOLDER CONTAIN PLAYER ID NUMBERS SO REFRAIN FROM LOOKING IN THIS FOLDER TO AVOID SPOILERS/CLUES. ENSURE “SHOW SCREEN IDS IN TITLE BAR TO ASSIST SKINNING” IS TURNED OFF IN PREFERENCES IN GAME.
  • When starting a new game, ensure “Ten Wonderkid Challenge” is selected in the advanced options before selecting your playable leagues.
  • If you have any issues please get in touch and don’t forget to let us know how you get on!