Hey, welcome to FM Ideas! A place for the cultured Football Manager to spice up their game and try something new.

I have no idea if anyone will make use of the ideas I have conglomerated on this site but I needed somewhere to archive the creations that have kept me coming back to Football Manager each year.

I am always thinking of new and creative ways to keep Football Manager fresh and exciting each year and in creating this site I hope to share them (and others’) with the wider FM community. While it is my aim to create a fun space for us all to share ideas it is ultimately my goal to give FM that extra bit of life each year when the initial novelty has worn off.

I’m not very good at these ‘About Us’ type bios but I’ve played Football Manager (or one of it’s contemporaries) for probably half of my lifetime now and have had some brilliant games and some not so brilliant games in that time. February and March bring with it a downturn in FM for many users and it is my goal to prevent that with the ideas found on this site and keep the game alive throughout it’s yearly lifecycle.

Here’s a quick summary about me in a fashion only us FM’ers will understand!

While I enjoy coming up with my own ideas for the site I am always looking for other people’s suggestions moving forward to keep the people coming back for more. Get in touch if you have a brainwave and who knows, it may be on the site before you know it!