A Dice with Destiny

Just remember, the dice may decide his fate but you decide his destiny.


The Challenge

I’ve had this challenge in my stupid little brain for a while now, ever since I saw a clip of some Dungeons and Dragons players using a “D20” – a twenty sided dice to us undistinguished neanderthals. The premise is simple; you are going to create a player and let the dice decide their ability, potential and ultimate fate within the game. With attribute numbers ranging from 1-20 and the dice having, who’d have thought it, 20 sides – it seems like a match made in heaven! Right?

I racked my brain for a few days trying to conjure up an objective with which to use this custom player. Aside from say assigning him to a Premier League side and rinsing him in the first team until he gets some eventual silverware I thought we could do something a little different. Let’s not assign him any-old-where, in fact let’s plonk him in a random country (decided by the dice), their lowest league possible and roll the dice again to determine which league that is.


James Smith from Dagenham in the Chilean second division.


You as manager are required to take charge of this initial side decided by the dice gods. Your player needs a supportive influence, right? Sure it might be the South Korean 6th division (imagine?) but so what? Go help him out. Oh yeah, you start with lowest possible badges and playing experience too. …Good luck.

Dependant on your created player’s random ability, potential and attributes you may have a hard time keeping hold of your player in the long term. If he is clearly a talent in the making then it is your job to get him there and boy is it going to be a lengthy process resigning him or joining the team he plays for once you’ve let him go.

Or maybe not. He might be absolutely, horrifically awful. But that’s the joy of this game changer. Maybe you can keep him hidden for long enough to improve your own honours, silverware and stature in the game but if he’s a bit rubbish it is your duty to get the most of out him wherever possible. If he is clearly a League 2 player at best, get yourself to a ruddy League 2 side as soon as possible and win him the best god damn League 2 Championship you’ve ever seen! After all, a League 2 job opportunity seems like Barcelona to you right now. Look at you with your zero qualifications and experience. Who do you think you are?

Be realistic. Sure, you could work your way up to the Premier League title or being Champions League winners and signing him along for the ride but if your player isn’t good enough for this level then you’ll be doing him a disservice as he won’t realistically have a role to play in that success. Get him to the best standard of play for him and give him a career to be proud of. Your task is simply giving him a push in the right direction and working your way up (alongside him every step of the way if possible) in order to support his development and eventual honours.

You want to be able to look at his playing history and be proud of the player he became. If you struggle to get the jobs to work alongside him then watch from afar as he TAKES ON THE WORLD…or I dunno, the Conference South.


So this game changer requires a little pre-game preparation. It may be a little painstaking to begin with but you are ultimately creating your player from scratch and letting the dice decide every facet. It’s kind of cool when you think about it and like a freaky Frankenstein’s monster you’re going to love it unconditionally until the very end.

I have included two downloads below that include a Pre-Game Dice Roll Checklist and an Excel Document which you should complete before doing anything else.

Pre-Game Dice Roll Checklist – This essentially dictates where your player will be playing once he is created. It will decide the country, league and eventual team. Simply follow the instructions included. It may seem a little convoluted but I really wanted to make it as random as I possibly could and it was difficult in some aspects.

Excel Spreadsheet – This is where your player will be created. Every facet of his ability and personality will be constructed piece by piece, roll by roll before you ultimately have your man. Follow the instructions in the spreadsheet and see where it takes you. Then simply enter this information in the Pre-Game Editor 2020.

This has taken a while to piece together so if there are any errors or confusing instructions please do get in touch!

And that’s it! Stick with your player every step of the way (as much as coaching badges and experience allow) and ride his coatails until his eventual retirement. When you look back at his playing career in 15/20 years you’re going to be like a proud father. It’ll be worth it I promise.

Remember, the dice may decide his fate but you decide his destiny.
(I just came up with that, I think I might go set up a philosophy website now).


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  1. FM Ideas

    Hey all! Decided to give this challenge a try. Say hello to Jimmothy Jacobs, he doesn’t look too bad at all does he? For a wing back his dribbling is atrocious and I have no idea how he can play Centre Back with 4 for heading! Either way I’m excited to give this challenge a real go and see how I fare with it. I have a feeling I won’t be his manager for long before the big boys come-a calling.

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